Appalachian Theatre of the High Country


Appalachian Theatre of the High Country


Built at the direction of W. R. Winkler and A. E. Hamby in 1938, the Appalachian Theatre was an Art Deco marvel for the upstart mountain town of Boone. The theater featured 997 seats when it opened--enough to seat the entire population of Watauga County in just three showings--and was home to countless movies and live acts, including one of Doc Watson's early stage performances. Following a devastating 1950 fire, the theater was reopened as a single-screen theater but was converted to a twin in the 1980s. The theater is presently under renovation to restore its former glory and re-open as the premier showplace in the High Country.

Images in this collection include early photographs of the theater in 1938, late 1940s images of crowds in front of the theater, 1950 post-fire images showing the Appalachian after renovations, and numerous advertisements for shows at the theater.


Appalachian Theatre of the High Country, Inc.

Collection Items

Appalachian Theatre Sidewalk Shot Southeast, 1948
Image of the Appalachian Theatre from the sidewalk facing southeast, February 19, 1948.

Appalachian Theatre Sidewalk Shot East, 1948<br /><br />
Image of the Appalachian Theatre from the sidewalk facing east, February 19, 1948.

Appalachian Theatre Mezzanine Hallway, 1938
Image of the mezzanine hallway inside the Appalachian Theatre, November 1938.

Appalachian Theatre Interior From Stage, 1938
Image of the interior view of the Appalachian Theatre from the stage, November 1938.

Yonahlossee Theatre, 1944
Façade view of the Yonahlossee Theatre in Blowing Rock, NC, ca. 1944.

Appalachian Theatre Façade, 1938<br /><br />
Façade view of the Appalachian Theatre, November 17, 1938.

Appalachian Theatre Ticket Booth, 1947
A detail image of the Appalachian Theatre entrance and ticket booth, February 12, 1947.

Appalachian Theatre Admission Tickets
A roll of approximately 400 child admission tickets, 10 cents each, bearing Appalachian Theatre name, ca. 1970.

Cartoon Carnival Advertisement, ca. 1947
Scrapbook sheet containing a partial cut ad for the Alamance Theatre "Cartoon Carnival" (ca. 1947).

Advertisements, ca. 1949
Scrapbook sheet containing an advertisement for November 18, 1949, Appalachian Theatre "Time Out for a Jam Session" stage show featuring the Appalachian High School Band, followed by Manhattan Angel, plus free Appalachian Theatre admission card "For…
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